BKEV Agency (formerly Butik Kreatywny En Vogue) was established in 2005 as a creative crossmarketing and PR agency as a result of combining forces, knowledge, experience, contacts, media, creativity, energy, dreams and aspirations of the two partners – Beata Pawelczyk-Błasiak and Piotr Piasecki.

The agency has a fashion background. Beata Pawelczyk-Błasiak worked as a marketing and sales director for an American company in Poland for many years and introduced global fashion brands, mainly from luxury and premium categories, including Calvin Klein, Pierre Cardin, Oscar de la Renta, Chantelle, Aubade and Nike Swim, into the Polish market. She was one of the first advertisers in the emerging market of Polish fashion magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire and Twój Styl.

Piotr Piasecki created and led the implementation of the marketing strategy in Wólczanka, one of the biggest Polish clothing companies, where he managed marketing until the merger with Vistula, another Polish clothing company. He was responsible for a lot of creative advertising campaigns whose aim was to refresh the brand image in the years 2002-2006. He also worked for Business Development Institute at the Ministry of State Treasury as well as the Open Society Institute in New York.

We are CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) members. In the projects for our clients we use the latest research and international achievements by marketing professionals. We watch and follow trends. We invariably believe that the success of any project depends on understanding the client’s needs. We are good listeners and have a good sense of empathy. That is why each of our projects has a completely different and distinctive set of qualities.

In the course of doing business we have expanded the scope of our activities to other market sectors, such as ecology (International Paper, 3M), automotive (Renault) and the pharmaceutical industry (Bioton), by building crossmarketing communication platforms, mainly for fashion brands.

We also use our potential to create our own original projects, mainly in the field of charitable and social activities. Our initiative “The Great for the Little” in which artists help animals from animal shelters grows bigger in the media each year and also generates more and more resources that are then directly transferred to the foundation and redistributed to animal shelters in the form of gifts and barter support.

We are project management oriented, even within a permanent partnership with a brand. A project, with objectives and budget clearly defined, allows for a clear assessment of the effects of the activities and resources devoted by the customer.

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Machalica i Królikowski w kampanii UPEMI

“QUALITY IS ART – MEETINGS WITH QAFP” is the third ongoing promotional campaign for the Quality Assurance for Food Products system with the participation of well-known actors and the second in which actors Paweł Królikowski and Piotr Machalica together act as the ambassadors of the QAFP sign in Poland.


Backstage at the STATE FORESTS – WELCOME campaign photo shoot

Kulisy sesji zdjęciowej

In early June there was another photo shoot for the campaign “STATE FORESTS – WELCOME” with the participation of the ambassadors of the National Forest Organization – the popular and acclaimed actors’ family: Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska, Paweł Królikowski and their children: Julia, Marcelina and Ksawery.


The second edition of THE FOREST OF CULTURE initiative

Las Kultury II edycja

“The Forest of Culture” is a unique initiative of National Forests Organizartion, which aims at honoring and commemorating the outstanding representatives of Polish culture.