The concept of a brand ambassador is relatively young in the Polish market. We are its precursors. We have led to signing a number of ambassador’s contracts, including one of the first contracts in our market, among others between actress Magdalena Cielecka and the Jackpot brand, actor Piotr Adamczyk and the Cottonfield brand, actress Marta Żmuda Trzebiatowska and the Clarins brand and actor Rafał Królikowski and the Renault brand. The brand ambassador in the context of a marketing strategy is a very important and effective tool in building brand image, provided that the bilateral transfer of characteristics and personality between the brand and its ambassador is real and credible.

We comprehensively organize marketing events that – if properly prepared and carried out – are not only important from the point of view of brand image management – but allow to effectively generate PR value in the media. During the preparation process of an event the creative idea is always put first. In this respect we have a special sentiment for jubilee events.

The Polish edition of the 100th anniversary of the Montblanc brand, organized by our agency, has been recognized by the German brand headquarters as the best European edition, outside of Germany. The event, organized at the National Opera House, which opened its doors to a commercial brand for the first time in history, was carried out in the aura of luxury and uniqueness. Our creative concept had ​​the best Polish designers prepare haute couture dresses inspired by the anniversary Montlblanc jewellwery and the most famous Polish actresses and models present them to the 100 guests of the evening. This idea was later replicated many times in other events and fashion shows.

We are the originators of the social initiative “`The Great for the Little” in which prominent artists and representatives of the Polish culture, led by the late Wisława Szymborska (Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature), help animals from animal shelters. As part of  “The Great for the Little” initiative, owing to funds acquired from sponsors, we organize an annual auction of the works of art by outstanding Polish artists (Dwurnik, Pągowski, Śmigielski, Ruff, Łydżba, Maśluszczak, and others) and issue calendars with pictures of celebrities in the company of their adopted pets as well as reproductions of the works of art being auctioned each year. All the proceeds from this initiative directly support animal shelters in the form of gifts purchased by the Foundation for Unwanted and Lost Animals – the initative’s main beneficiary.

We believe health prevention and ecology to be two of the most important phenomena that will determine the majority of consumer trends and shape social reality within the next years. These processes can already be observed today. In accordance with the principle that we always try to be first in niche markets as reagrds communication, we have led, as initiators and coordinators, to the cooperation between our client International Paper Poland and Zwierciadło Publishing House. The result of this collaboration was the first 24-page ecological insert (printed on FSC certified recycled paper) in the October issue of Zwierciadło magazine in 2009. After the publication of the issue with the ecological insert many other titles have decided to replicate the idea.

On the paneuropean level we have had the honor of being the co-organizers of the first edition of the Polish Christmas Eve in Brussels at the Opera de la Monaie, with the honorary patronage of EU commissioner Danuta Hubner. On the regional level this event was supported by the city councils of Łódź and Toruń. The highlight of the evening ceremony, with the representatives of the European Parliament as guests, was a concert of Christmas carols, sung by well-known Polish artists, backed by Polish highlanders band. Katarzyna Likus of Likus Restaurants and Hotels was responsible for the exquisite traditional Polish Christmas Eve menu and table arrangement.

In the course of our business activity we have organized a number of fashion shows. The 2008 IC Companys fashion show was a large-scale, logistically complex project. On an ascetic catwalk in a white, reflective tone, the company presented its Jackpot, Cottonfield and Matinique brand collections, styled by leading Polish stylists. The top fashions editors and celebrities filled the first row along with the brand ambassadors: actress Magdalena Cielecka, actor Rafał Królikowski and actor Piotr Adamczyk. The show was accompanied by a specially prepared multimedia visuals to illustrate key brand values ​​and themes of the collections.

We are proud of our commitment to culture. We have succeeded in encouraging our clients to act as patrons of culture, including International Paper (Pippi Longstocking audiobook series by a famous Polish actress Edyta Jungowska). We have co-organized an exhibition of paintings by Grzegorz Śmigielski entitled “Transatlantic” in the Soho Gallery in Warsaw with the support from Black Lion Fund Management, Montblanc, MultiBank, International Paper and Villeroy & Boch.

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Machalica i Królikowski w kampanii UPEMI

“QUALITY IS ART – MEETINGS WITH QAFP” is the third ongoing promotional campaign for the Quality Assurance for Food Products system with the participation of well-known actors and the second in which actors Paweł Królikowski and Piotr Machalica together act as the ambassadors of the QAFP sign in Poland.


Backstage at the STATE FORESTS – WELCOME campaign photo shoot

Kulisy sesji zdjęciowej

In early June there was another photo shoot for the campaign “STATE FORESTS – WELCOME” with the participation of the ambassadors of the National Forest Organization – the popular and acclaimed actors’ family: Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska, Paweł Królikowski and their children: Julia, Marcelina and Ksawery.


The second edition of THE FOREST OF CULTURE initiative

Las Kultury II edycja

“The Forest of Culture” is a unique initiative of National Forests Organizartion, which aims at honoring and commemorating the outstanding representatives of Polish culture.