The answer is simple: because we are the best. And please do not look for megalomania in this statement.
We are the best at what we do. It is difficult to pigeonhole us because at the foundation of our business concept there are always clients with their highly individualized and most importantly rapidly changing needs, rather than types of services needed at the time.

Each communications campaign carried out in the media by our agency results in PR value several times higher than the corresponding value of advertising campaigns – for example, in the public relations activities for IC Companys Poland in 2008 we generated a PR value in the lifestyle media of more than 2 mln Euros, compared to the advertsing budget of 250 000 Euros, spent in the same period. The same applies to social campaigns – the PR value of “The Great for the Little” social initiative has remianed solid and amounted to 180 000 Euros in 2008, 620 000 Euros in 2009, 1 300 000 Euros in 2010 and 1 000 000 Euros in 2012, respectively.

  • we go beyond the public relations activities offered by other agencies but we also fully service companies and brands in terms of public relations
  • from the point of view of an event agency, we have a portfolio of dozens of different types of events organized for our clients: anniversary events, fashion shows, press conferences, integration meetings, etc.
  • we are able to negotiate the purchase of advertising space in the media, especially in the lifestyle press titles, acting as an advertising agency or a media house, as part of integrated projects for our clients
  • we are best motivated by orders for creative concepts and ideas, we have sold concepts and ideas to customers from industries as diverse and remote as fashion (Vistula & Wólczanka), banking (BRE Bank) and forestry (National Polish Forest Organization)
  • we also undertake activities as a production house as in our portfolio there are many photo sessions that we produced by orders of our clients and the largest Polish publishing houses

In addition to the above, we draw our business strength from crossmarketing solutions and celebrity management.

We are in fact the originators and precursors of crossmarketing forms in the Polish market (the source of this phenomenon was the search by the Polish clothing companies for external financing and image support from other brands in marketing campaigns). We treat crossmarketing very broadly – as an important and effective image and pro sales tool. We combine brands from different industries and market categories.

We combine brands with celebrities. We pioneered the idea of ​​brand ambassadors in Poland. We have led to signing ambassador contracts between actress Magdalena Cielecka and the Jackpot brand, actor Piotr Adamczyk and the Cottonfield brand, actress Marta Żmuda Trzebiatowska and the Clarins brand and actor Rafał Królikowski and the Renault brand.

We are focused on the objectives and results. We achieve our goals and help our clients achieve their goals. Public relations activities for us mean first of all building and maintaining relationships based on honesty and courage. We approach each task individually, rejecting stereotypes in the place of even initially the most revolutionary ideas.

And we constantly remember that there are people behind graphs, budgets and strategies. Customers, Partners, Colleagues – they are the most important for us.

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Machalica i Królikowski w kampanii UPEMI

“QUALITY IS ART – MEETINGS WITH QAFP” is the third ongoing promotional campaign for the Quality Assurance for Food Products system with the participation of well-known actors and the second in which actors Paweł Królikowski and Piotr Machalica together act as the ambassadors of the QAFP sign in Poland.


Backstage at the STATE FORESTS – WELCOME campaign photo shoot

Kulisy sesji zdjęciowej

In early June there was another photo shoot for the campaign “STATE FORESTS – WELCOME” with the participation of the ambassadors of the National Forest Organization – the popular and acclaimed actors’ family: Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska, Paweł Królikowski and their children: Julia, Marcelina and Ksawery.


The second edition of THE FOREST OF CULTURE initiative

Las Kultury II edycja

“The Forest of Culture” is a unique initiative of National Forests Organizartion, which aims at honoring and commemorating the outstanding representatives of Polish culture.