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Machalica i Królikowski w kampanii UPEMI

“QUALITY IS ART – MEETINGS WITH QAFP” is the third ongoing promotional campaign for the Quality Assurance for Food Products system with the participation of well-known actors and the second in which actors Paweł Królikowski and Piotr Machalica together act as the ambassadors of the QAFP sign in Poland.


Backstage at the STATE FORESTS – WELCOME campaign photo shoot

Kulisy sesji zdjęciowej

In early June there was another photo shoot for the campaign “STATE FORESTS – WELCOME” with the participation of the ambassadors of the National Forest Organization – the popular and acclaimed actors’ family: Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska, Paweł Królikowski and their children: Julia, Marcelina and Ksawery.


The second edition of THE FOREST OF CULTURE initiative

Las Kultury II edycja

“The Forest of Culture” is a unique initiative of National Forests Organizartion, which aims at honoring and commemorating the outstanding representatives of Polish culture.