A promising challenge for companies entering the Polish market is to achieve a success rate from the development phase to real presence in the market.

BKEV expands its activities by offering extensive assistance to companies specializing in fashion, lifestyle products, foods, in the process of entering a challenging environment of the Polish market.

From a business idea to the substantial market share – this constitutes the core of our process.

We focus on developing economic models that link a detailed assessment of the business with a top-level view of strategic options.

We work closely with our clients to find a suitable market formula (customer preferences and elasticity, local permits, licences, cost projections, competitors, distribution channels) and build a holistic business plan which becomes the basis for activities required in launching a new business.

We communicate in four languages: English, German, French and Russian.

We have worked to introduce into the Polish market or build marketing strategies for the following products and brands:

  • Food sector: KOPIKO, Bali Java Coffee, Bali Dancer Coffee from Indonesia (Beata Błasiak in her former jobs – a.o.: Boreas International Inc. New York), QAFP certificate
  • Fashion: Caste of Ireland, Chantelle, Pierre Cardin Underwear, Maidenform, Calvin Klein Underwear, Oscar de la Renta, DIVA: (Beata Błasiak in her former jobs – IBSEN Ltd), Arrado, Protektor, ABEBA, Vistula, Wolczanka, Jackpot, Cottonfield, YES (jewellery)
  • Cosmetics: Pierre Cardin Parfums (Beata Błasiak – IBSEN Ltd.)
  • Other: POL (International Paper)

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Machalica i Królikowski w kampanii UPEMI

“QUALITY IS ART – MEETINGS WITH QAFP” is the third ongoing promotional campaign for the Quality Assurance for Food Products system with the participation of well-known actors and the second in which actors Paweł Królikowski and Piotr Machalica together act as the ambassadors of the QAFP sign in Poland.


Backstage at the STATE FORESTS – WELCOME campaign photo shoot

Kulisy sesji zdjęciowej

In early June there was another photo shoot for the campaign “STATE FORESTS – WELCOME” with the participation of the ambassadors of the National Forest Organization – the popular and acclaimed actors’ family: Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska, Paweł Królikowski and their children: Julia, Marcelina and Ksawery.


The second edition of THE FOREST OF CULTURE initiative

Las Kultury II edycja

“The Forest of Culture” is a unique initiative of National Forests Organizartion, which aims at honoring and commemorating the outstanding representatives of Polish culture.